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Need XML?

JSX serializes Java objects to XML. You can persist objects, evolve them, and send them over the network and between applications. Your object data becomes human-readable and human-writable. You can test it, search it, profile it, audit it and edit it with ordinary text and XML tools.

All objects
JSX works for all objects - it is not necessary to implement Serializable. JSX handles all POJOs, and also has 100% coverage of Java's own object serialization. All object data is included in a standard format.

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Sample XML
<jsx major="1" minor="1" format="JSX.DataReader">
  <object id="i0" class="Evolve1">
    <declaredClass class="Evolve1">
        <array field="array" id="i1" base="java.lang.Object" dim="1" length="5">
          <string id="i2" value="red"/>
          <string id="i3" value="green"/>
          <string id="i4" value="blue"/>
          <object id="i5" class="Datum">
            <declaredClass class="Datum">
                <string field="name" id="i6" value="fred"/>
                <primitive field="age" type="int" value="24"/>
        <primitive field="days" type="int" value="22"/>

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JVM Compatibility: Sun 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 - BEA JRockit 1.4, 1.5 - IBM J9 1.3 - AIX 1.5
Note: final fields cannot be set in Java 1.2 (all other versions are OK).

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For your legal department, here is the commercial license [pdf], including an IP indemnity.

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